These High Tops Were Fired in a Kiln by Shoes Like Pottery

Image: Need Supply Co.

Shoes Like Pottery is a footwear brand in Kurume, Japan, known for their small batch lace-ups that are made similarly to Japanese ceramics. The company crafts the shoe by manipulating raw rubber, which is soft and clay-like in texture, as a potter might craft an elegant vase.

Image: Need Supply Co.

After each shoe is constructed by hand, they are fired in a kiln at 120 °C for 70 minutes. During this ancient process known as Ka-ryu, the severe heat and pressure causes a sulfuric chemical reaction, and transforms the rubber into flexible outsoles.

“The soles are created to resemble the pebbled texture of raw rubber. In addition, the soles of the shoe are a vivid shade of blue, giving a flash of color to your steps, ” said Shoes Like Pottery.

Image: Blue Owl

This brand offers a variety of styles, likewise forged in a kiln and donned with 100% cotton canvas, but the white high top sneaker may be their signature.

Here the company duly expresses their ethos: “Above all, Shoes Like Pottery features high-quality, beautifully textured fabric, hand-sewn by the skilled craftsmen of Kurume.”

Images: Shoes Like Pottery

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