by Aurynanya

Smoky spirits swell, silently into the nighttime sky
Flame’s flicker, feverish and fast from the funeral pyre
Red death reflections on the sacred river nearby

Memories and moments burned up in a blaze of fire
Flower blossoms and branches burning bright and warm
Treasures and trinkets to travel with and gold coins for the toll you’ll require

Friends and family gather, saying goodbye, as witnesses swarm
A blazing glow guiding you to a promised afterlife
The soul of the dead is released from their physical form

Sparking into a world without struggle, sadness and strife
One could almost feel the moment they depart
Time extinguishes the embers of a passionate and painful life

I gathered a pocketful of your white-hot ash to save apart
And still, there is nothing that could ever replace your flame and your fiery heart.

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