Slush in Two Words

by Adria Vaughan

Yes, it was in those days, when peaches had more auburn than orange in their skin. Granddaddy loved sunshine, and when there was slush in early spring, he said, It is raining snow. And I was six and I thought he must not know the word slush, but out of respect for his dignity I held the word inside my mouth. Since then, I have always felt the word slush more than I’ve heard it, and as I sit here on my sofa eating an under-ripe peach, I begin to suspect that expanding one word into two might signify desperation.

Adria Vaughan is a reader, writer, copy editor, tea-drinker, and mother. She earned a BA in English with honors from the University of Iowa in 2016. Adria is passionate about sustainability, language, children, and truth, and her work and volunteering allow her to explore these interests.

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