To Do

by Amber Pierson

  • Wake up to 50 pounds of child WWE wrestling me out of the blankets.
  • Brew some coffee and make some breakfast. Smoothies? No. Eggs? No. Toast? Sometimes. Well, what do you want? Mac n cheese. …fine.
  • Eat, watch TV, what modern family uses a table? Not us.
  • Shower? Sure. Bubbles? Of course. WE’RE MAKING BUBBLES, BUBBLES. Stay out of trouble. B-U-B… b-l-e-s.
  • Catch the streaker, wrestle him into clothes, lay on floor panting from exertion.
  • Time for homework. Good job, mom. That’s a lot of words. It’s a lot of words every week, isn’t it, baby? Yeah, you’re a genius. And you’re my entire heart.
  • Lunch time, three cups of coffee down. Mac n cheese? No. Sandwich? No. Noodles? No. Lunchable. WITH SOUR CREAM. Gross, but okay.
  • Laundry. Can I help? Yeah, can you carry the detergent? Yeah, I’m so strong! Yes, you are, my strong boy.
  • Want to make some cookies? Yes! What color do you want to make them? Black, that’s my favorite! Oh, sweet boy, I don’t have black dye. Pink? Yes, we can do pink. I like pink, too!
  • Time to go get daddy. Get me. What? You have to get me to put my shoes on! Struggle ensues. Another round of panting on the floor.
  • This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Do you want to try some Christmas music instead? No. THIS OUR TOWN. EVERYBODY SCREAM. Why not? There is no snow! Fair enough.

Amber Pierson likes a good cup of coffee and spending time with her husband and son. She has work in several magazines, including, but not limited to In Parenthesis, Ke'Lab and the Elevation Review. When she isn't writing you can find her tucked in blankets reading, laughing with her husband or adventuring with her son.

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