The Infinite Story

by Anushree Nande

These creaking, chipped floorboards hug the contours of your bare feet. How long has it been—no matter—unfamiliar outlines sharpening, then melding, enveloping. Here, they say, rest a while, like the stark Provence sunlight warming pages back then, the joyful tears slipping down your neck in Bern another summer, the choking certainty years and continents away in Massachusetts, in a world wonderous, breathless whiskers away from irrevocable change, that you’d lost someone dear and time would—any exhalation now—catch up with your conviction. These cascading, crinkling whorls of ink and paper chronicling the boundless library of your life.

Hope is Anushree “Anu” Nande’s superpower. Arsenal Football Club, perhaps irrationally, dominates many of her waking (and sleeping) hours; the rest she spends reading, writing, editing and hoarding books, working through creative demons with sport and art, and asking herself what Coach Taylor would do.

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