by Honey Adamson

She weaves her way furiously up around the arching trellis, entangling herself into a knotty clump of vines. 

Forevermore, she says.

She grows in her garden where the thorny bushes couldn’t be hacked back.

Her rose bud petals alluringly droop from the gentle push of the vine, almost hiding her rosy red velvet behind the mess.

She’s beautiful, even though she is not glistening in a vase on the doorstep for a visitor.

She’s persistent, with her will to love and her courage to win happiness. She’ll never quit her desire to do good in the world.

Just a sentiment.

Honey Adamson (pen name) is a creative thinker, herbalist, nature lover, puppy momma, obsessive about happiness. She was raised in Tibet and Canada and enjoys sitting down with friends for deeply spiritual conversations.

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