I Know it is Silly but Still I Dream 

by Tyrel Kessinger

I know it is silly but still I dream 

that when I die 

    they don’t bury me 

         they mold my body 

                   into a transport ship 

                            with sufficient rocket power 

                                     to reach escape velocity 

                                               and enough square footage 

                                                        that the people I love can board me 

                                                                 so that I might take them far away from here 

                                                        even though instead I will only drift 

                                               like a forlorn satellite through time and space 

                                     so that no one can leave and no one gets old and we still 

                            celebrate good things and my body produces good drink and good food 

                   and my body is never again broken down and repurposed because

         there always comes a time when there isn’t enough left for repurposing.

     Have no fear I’ll pipe in to them as they dream. I will shroud us all in dark matter. 

We will not be found.

Tyrel Kessinger lives and writes in Louisville, Ky. You can find him and his many non-viral tweets at @KessingerTyrel.

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