Lillies on the Breeze

Rachel Racette

In a room, in a hospital, a woman, once golden and lively, lies fading on white sheets not quite as pale as her. Another sits beside Lily; the one who loves her, and the one who must kill her. “My Lily,” Leah breathes, brushing back brittle locks, she presses a kiss to Lily’s head. “I will never forget you.” Then, Leah takes her scythe and sets her mortal free. Lily’s soul blazes like the sun, nestled in Leah’ hands. It fills her own immortal soul with an all-encompassing warmth, one that remains long after her faded flower has been buried.

Rachel Racette, born 1999, in Balcarres, Saskatchewan. Interested in creating her own world and characters and loves writing science-fiction and fantasy. She has always loved books of fantasy and science fiction as well as comics. Lives with her supportive family and cat, Cheshire.

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