Code Switch

by Harry Palacio

We use symbolz for our commonplace phenomena. Layers removed from what is found within arms-length. Awe-struck by how language is a code being broken between interminable people. A gathering in what seems like forests as well as androgynous co-living spaces where family and friends resurface to commemorate newly amended words in the Oxford- Dictionary: code-switching between identifying language and oral history that crashes on forgotten islandz.

Harry Edgar Palacio (He/Him) is a Dominican-Colombian writer, artist, and lo-fi musician. He has been accepted to be published in Rigorous, Tule Review, Coffin Bell, Landlocked Magazine and elsewhere. His chapbook and debut book were both released by (Finishing Line Press) Ambrosia (2019) and Sutras of Tiny Jazz (2021). He obtained a MEd from Manhattanville College. Harry worked as an assistant director of a social justice center and as an art teacher in the Dominican Republic. He is a writer living with schizoaffective disorder.

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