Marbled Patio

by Lauren Lee

Two cousins are born on the same day, different year
There’d be glittery balloons parallel to the strikes of our laughter
“Smoked” barbeque, uncle says, when clearly its as burnt
as dad’s nose after coming back from golf (he was late to the party too)
Grandma praises uncle for his cooking skills (?)
Even though she quite knew her hands were full of chef’s charms
that isn’t in the family blood, unfortunately.

In the too small party hat, the older cousin kicks my shin
“Don’t flinch” she says as I barely keep the meat
From drooling out my lips covered in black flakes
And from saying something I was gonna regret
The listen to your elders philosophy has proved itself again.

My aunt is always gossiping about some story
like the time I thought my uncle was cheating on my aunt
after he blushed and flushed under alcohol’s hoax
Everyone laughs
when suddenly smiles turn into seesaws
Unbalanced under the thought that that kid isn’t a kid anymore.

On the other side of the table, my brother whose been through it all
slides me my birthday gift while nobody notices
I have a love and hate relationship with him
But deep down we know that hate is only an excuse
To separate us from those cheesy brother-sisters
that didn’t exist in the first place.

Two cousins are born in the same day, same family, same photo book.

Lauren Lee is a Senior attending Yongsan International High School in Seoul, South Korea. She is currently building her creative writing portfolio in preparation for enrollment in a university. She was recently accepted into Emerson College Creative Writers Workshop and the Juniper Institute for Young Writers.
blue and green color abstract painting
Photo by Mudassir Ali

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